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How do you pronounce "Cuore"?
Cuore is the Italian word for "heart". I tell people to say it as "Core-A". Italians everywhere would be horrified at our horrible pronunciation of their very lovely word. If you know Italian, and say it with the right accent, you win a prize.

Do you really think Social Media is at the heart of success or is that just your tagline?
Yes, I really do believe that great social media is crucial to your success. Social Media is all about relationships, and the success of your business lies not in the product you make, but in the way you care about your customers. Building strong relationships within your industry and with your clients leads to repeat business and excellent word-of-mouth referrals. This equals success!

Why are your services offered for 6 or 12 month periods? Do you ever do smaller lengths of time?
Over the years that I've been doing Social Media Marketing, I've learned that building strong relationships online takes time. Each business and organization is different, and time is needed to compile the statistics that help me determine what social media interactions are working best for your business. In order to be really effective on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, you need to review your efforts over a minimum of 6 months.

I want everyone at my company to know more about Social Marketing. Do you train people so we can learn to use Facebook by ourselves?
I offer training and consultation sessions that equip you and your staff to utilize social media for your business. I'd be happy to talk to you and determine what your specific needs are and see how I can best help you.

I'm worried about people leaving negative comments online. Can using Social Media make my business look bad?
No. There are hundreds of websites where anyone can leave bad reviews about your business, and you have no control over them and have no way to join the conversation and tell your side of the story. Using Social Media allows you to celebrate all that your business does well, and respond quickly to questions or complaints.  Social Media gives you back the power to handle your online reputation.




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