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This is Me, Cory Patterson. I Put The Cory in Cuore Communications.

Cuore means 'heart' in Italian. It's how I got my name, and it's why I named my business Cuore Communications. I believe that great communication is at the heart of your success - in business, and in life!

Stuff You Should Know About Me

  • I'm a social butterfly turned social marketer. I like to say that I'm making friends for a living.
  • I cook a mean lasagna.
  • I change my hair alot. When we meet, I may look nothing like this picture. But it's a really good picture, so I'm leaving it on this page.
  • I laugh really, really loudly.
  • I read everything I can get my hands on, and anything Agatha Christie ever wrote.

When I'm not on Facebook, You Can Find Me:

  • Working with my charity, Hope for Kenya.
  • Feeding people home-cooked Italian meals around my dining room table.
  • Blogging.
Corinth, NY 12822 | 518.742.9432
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